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POP MY MIND – The Invention Award.

Interview with Matthew Tate – Winner of the Invention Award! from Pop My Mind on Vimeo.

Here is the recorded interview for the winner of Octobers Invention Award winner. The invention award was given to Matthew Tate, after he entered his work for POP MY MIND’s first exhibition held in Ipswich. In the interview with the author of the original poem, and the founder of Pop my mind, Oliver Squirrell asks Matthew many questions about his process, inspiration and techniques. Matthew also describes the problems with creating artworks for online media, how to draw eye-catching striking imagery and how he overcomes this. Matthew also talks about the joy of printmaking, how to persevere and also interestingly how fear plays to artists advantages. They also discuss about the problems that young artists sometimes face, especially when preoccupied by the fear of leaving university. All of these points are discussed in the video interview above. 

The image featured was a woodblock engraving that Matthew created specifically for POP MY MIND, entitled the Creation of Adam, which was ‘popped’ (inspired) by Oliver Squirrell’s poem ‘Who Knows’. The poem discusses the fear falling asleep, and likens it to the moment of passing away. Interestingly the poem ‘Who Knows’ was also ‘popped’ by the theme of surprise, which inspires the colour scheme of this print.


Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam



Matthew in his studio featured, in POP MY MIND’s blog.

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