Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille.

This illustration was an idea from the story Orpheus’s journey to the Underworld. This print shows Hades; the King of the Dead. The wraps covering his face are an interpretation Helm of Darkness given to Hades by the Cyclops in the war against the Titans. The helmet allows the wearer to conceal his true nature ‘the helmet of Pluto, which maketh the politic man go invisible, is secrecy in the counsel, and celerity in the execution.’

Stages of Grief

This series of illustrations is inspired by the Kubler Ross Model of the ‘Stages of Grief’. These bleach paintings explore how different emotions transform and twist these figures into completely different objects. Each of these paintings explores buddhist iconography, meditation poses and Mudras (Buddhist gestures). These illustrations are a strange blend of both the South East Asian style and also the Gothic Style, and finds comparative elements in both styles. Exhibited in ‘LOST IN THE SHADOWS’ 2017

The Keys to the Kingdom

These illustrations are based on the characters from Garth Nix’s series of books; ‘The Keys to the Kingdom’. Each of these characters has their own themes and motifs in their aesthetic look based around the world that they rule, and the sin that the character is driven by. Each character is based upon an allegorical story which influences the separate books that they all feature within. All of these illustrations take inspiration from Hendrick Goltzius’s renaissance chiaroscuro woodcuts, but also individually inspired by master painters.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Light is Like Water

These are a series of Illustrations for Light is like water, a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A visual theme that I wanted to work with. Hand marbled paper overlaid with pen and ink.

Adam and Eve

Designs created over two pages comparing boy and girl together. A theme explored was a way of dehumanising the subject until they looked alien. Pen and Ink

The Tin Woodsman

A design around the idea of the real wizard of Oz. Looked at rendering something that looked treacherous but gentle at the same time. Pen drawing.

Observational Drawings of Porthcawl

Observational drawings which were inspired by the theme of explorations. The idea was how imagination can explore the world and change landscapes.