Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Light is Like Water

These are a series of Illustrations for Light is like water, a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A visual theme that I wanted to work with. Hand marbled paper overlaid with pen and ink.

War of the Lion and the Unicorn

A design created when thinking about each side being equal in suffering and loss. The image for the Lion is an ongoing project. Experimented with the idea of the Germans being branded with the swastika. Pen with watercolour.

The Lotus Theatre

Here I was experimenting with the idea of a folk tale in another culture. The characters were designed to parallel each other onstage, in themes and colours. Inspired by the great woodblock engravers in Japan.

Adam and Eve

Designs created over two pages comparing boy and girl together. A theme explored was a way of dehumanising the subject until they looked alien. Pen and Ink

The Tin Woodsman

A design around the idea of the real wizard of Oz. Looked at rendering something that looked treacherous but gentle at the same time. Pen drawing.

Observational Drawings of Porthcawl

Observational drawings which were inspired by the theme of explorations. The idea was how imagination can explore the world and change landscapes.